Parish Cemeteries

Our entire faith community is welcomed at each of our parish operated cemeteries!


All Souls Catholic Cemetery – Sanford

All Souls Catholic Cemetery is the eldest of the Diocese’s two historic cemeteries. Records indicate the first of the two plots of land and its gravesite plan were recorded in the public records in May 1890.

The cemetery is located west of downtown Sanford, along H E Thomas Jr. Parkway/West 25th Street/State Road 46A and is adjacent to Sanford’s Evergreen Municipal Cemetery, which was founded in 1877. There are several privately owned cemeteries in the vicinity of All Souls Catholic Cemetery.

At this time, All Souls Cemetery offers for purchase burial rights for two interment options: burial of full body remains and burial of cremated remains. No other services, such as opening and closing a burial site are offered by the cemetery and must be arranged through a third party and scheduled with the cemetery manager. For more information click here.



St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery – Palm Bay

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery dates back to the parish’s founding of their first permanent church grounds in 1914 by pioneering Catholic families, mostly of Germanic and Slavonic stock, who settled circa 1912 in the area formerly known as Tillman, Florida. Their first church on this site still stands, is now surrounded by the cemetery, and continues to be used for special services.

The cemetery is located at 1422 Miller Street NE, several miles east of the Catholic Community’s main church and school at 5330 Babcock Street NE.

St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery offers burial rights for full body remains, the burial of cremated remains and inurnment of cremated remains in its two columbariums. St. Joseph Cemetery offers burial/columbarium opening and closing services, opening and closing for a full body burial site must be arranged through a third party and scheduled with the cemetery manager. For more information click here.




St. Matthew Catholic Cemetery Columbarium

St. Matthew Catholic Church in Winter Haven offers inurnment of cremated remains in a five-unit granite columbarium, completed in 2006, located at the center of a garden. It is surrounded by meandering paths, which wander among the Stations of the Cross within the church grounds. The center of the columbarium is an octagonal unit surmounted by the Twelfth Station of the Cross, the Crucifixion.

Each of St. Matthew’s columbarium niches can accommodate a double inurnment using a parish provided cubic bronze urn which is included in the purchase of a burial right. The parish provides opening and closing services and arranges for the memorial inscription on the niche front. For more information click here.