Queen of Angels Cemetery

Queen of Angels Catholic Cemetery (the Cemetery) will be a licensed cemetery operation regulated by the Division of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services (the Division) under Florida Statute Chapter 497, and related Administrative Rules.

The business entity of the Cemetery, Queen of Angels Catholic Cemetery, Inc., submitted its application to “Organize a New Cemetery” to the Division on October 19, 2018. The Cemetery successfully defended its application during the Division’s Board hearing on December 6, 2018 and was granted a Phase 1 license to proceed to develop the cemetery property and its business. After fulfilling the prerequisites issued by the Division in December 2018, the Cemetery will apply for its Phase 2 license and seek permission to open its operations to the public. At this time, the Cemetery expects to apply for its Phase 2 license sometime during the first half of 2020.

The following are extracts from the October 2018 license application submittal:

Phase 1 Design

Entering from Dike Road, visitors will travel a scenic drive traversing a permanent water feature which serves the dual purpose of creating a sense of arrival to a special place and to minimize traffic delays from developing on Dike Road.

Upon arriving at Queen of Angels Catholic Cemetery, there will be a columbarium/office building ahead on the left. This special purpose building will house interior glass and solid front niches for the inurnment of cremated remains, public restrooms, and offices for the General Manager and Memorial Advisors. Religious art and statuary will be integrated into the interior and exterior design of the building.

Stretching to the right of the entry is the main portion of this phase of the cemetery. The area will principally include two fields of previously installed single depth lawn crypts for full-body ground burials and a cremation garden along a landscaped serpentine walkway. Within the cremation garden will be found a variety of inurnment options, including ground burial and mid-rise inurnment niche elements which will be individually selected by customers from approved design options.

Vertical columbarium structures will be located in highly visible and landscaped areas. These structures will provide raised platforms for religious statuary, each of which will impart a religious theme to that space. The columbarium structures will be surrounded by lower rise inurnment niche elements of a complementary design.

On the far right of Phase 1 is the Priests’ Cemetery wherein lies Bishop Thomas Grady, twenty-six Diocesan priests and a seminarian.

The cemetery’s circulation roadways and walkways will allow for vehicle parking and walking paths for convenient visitation throughout the cemetery.

Burial Rights

The plan for the development of the cemetery includes four types of lots for casketed burial and five options for those selecting cremation in the memorial process. These products will represent all of the burial rights sold at the cemetery as part of the Phase 1 development and we do not anticipate that the product mix will diverge with further development.

Casket Burial Options

  • Single Depth Space Lots with lawn-level memorials;
  • Side-by-side Single Depth Space Lots with memorial or monument options;
  • Family Lots (4 spaces)
  • Estate Lots (8 to 10 spaces)

Cremation Options

  • Permanent Placement, Inscription on a Cenotaph
  • Garden Niches – Granite
  • In-Ground Grave Spaces
  • In-Ground Bench Lots
  • Inside Niches – Glass, Wood, Bronze


October 9, 2019


November 8, 2019


March 6, 2020

West to East Aerial View



March 12, 2020