Burial Selections

Traditional Burial

Within the grounds we feature two Gardens for traditional full body burial; Garden of Eternal Light which is nearest to the San Pedro Spiritual Development Center, and Gentle Christ Garden which is near the location of future phases of Queen of Angels Cemetery.  Garden of Eternal Light will include both raised or upright monuments and lawn level or flat markers for a single or for two or more adjacent of graves.  Gentle Christ Garden allows for only a flat marker for a single or a pair of adjacent graves.  Both Garden of Eternal Light and Gentle Christ Garden have pre-installed Lawn Crypts which eliminates the need for our families to purchase an in-ground burial vault from other parties. Garden of Eternal Light graves are available for $4,200 each and Gentle Christ Garden graves are offered at $3,200 each.  We also offer, for our families’ consideration, the burial of one individual’s cremated remains per grave in both Gardens for an additional $1,000.


Estate Lots

Estate Lots are a beautiful way to ensure loved ones will always be together and become unique locations for future generations to visit.  A Fountain Garden Estate Lot, located in Spirit of the Lord Garden, enables families to create a memorial legacy and provides for the placement of up to four full body burials, multiple cremated remains or a combination of both placement choices.

Consult a Memorial Advisor for other options that may be available to establish a unique Family estate area.

Our most exclusive option is a Private Mausoleum Lot; an opportunity to create a unique work of art to memorialize your family.  Families are invited to work with one of our Memorial Advisors to determine the style, size and budget that are right for you.


Placement of Cremated Remains

We recognize that an increasing number of families and individuals have or will choose Cremation.

Queen of Angels Catholic Cemetery has set aside unique areas, both outdoor and indoor, for the placement of cremated remains.  Our outdoor Spirit of the Lord Garden offers a selection of Cremation Burial Lots of various sizes which allow for the placement of two or more cremated remains starting at $1,800 each.  A select number of our Cremation Estate Lots allow for custom Personal Niche Monuments.  Spirit of the Lord Garden also offers a limited number of locations for Memorial Benches starting at $5,000 each.

Above-ground columbarium niche options in Spirit of the Lord Garden are our Arbor Niches and Fountain Niches.  Each allow for the placement of up to two cremated remains and are available starting at $3,000.


Holy Presence Columbarium

Holy Presence Columbarium offers a serene and comfortable indoor setting for the placement of the cremated remains for you and your loved ones.  Visitors to Holy Presence Columbarium will have a respite from our Florida weather and comfortable seating while spending sacred time remembering their loved ones.   Each Glass-Front Niche can accommodate two or more cremated remains and, within guidelines, the placement of religious and/or personal mementos.  Our Glass-Front Niche offerings, in a variety of sizes and prices, start at $3,000.  Our hallmark religious artwork, the mosaic of Mary and her Angels, is mounted on the exterior of the east wall of Holy Presence Columbarium.


Peace in Christ Crypts

Every member of our Catholic Community should have the opportunity to be at rest in a Catholic Cemetery.  Placement in a Peace of Christ Crypt, which will be constructed at a later date, is available for families of modest means.  The cost for the Permanent Placement of cremated remains in a Peace of Christ Crypt is offered, without external memorialization, at $250 each.  Families and friends may select to have an inscription of the full name of the deceased who are placed in a Peace of Christ Crypt on our Cenotaph Wall.